This weekend will mark HAM’s first trip to Haiti of 2017. HAM board members Dr. Tracee Laing, Dr. Janine Flood, Connie Ray and Paul Hammond will be joined by ophthalmology surgeon Dr. Brian Stahl and his support team to perform cataract surgeries on as many as 50 Haitians over four days. We are most excited to host Dr. Brian’s non-profit organization, Go Crazy, Do Good which has completed over 19 mission trips to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia, Uganda Africa, Ivory Coast Africa, and Jamaica, for their first mission to Haiti. The team will be supported by HAM’s newly acquired surgical microscope donated through our partner the SEVA Foundation and transported to Haiti via another partner, Direct Relief International. This project is a great example of the benefits of the working partnerships with other aid organization HAM has cultivated over the years. We hope you’ll follow our team’s updates via our FACEBOOK PAGE.


HAM is excited to announce the debut of our brand new website! While you’ll find us in the same place, www.healingartmissions.org, it’s a beautiful new look, much easier to navigate and packed with all the information you’ll need to understand what we’re all about, Empowering Haitians through Access to Healthcare, Education and Clean Water. Learn more about our various projects, find out our latest news, see who we and our partners are, and enjoy the beautiful photography of Jessica Phelps and Global Eyes Media. The new site was designed and created by Jeff and Dori Hammond, to whom we are ever-so- grateful for their incredible magic and endless energy!


With the first HAM Mission of 2016 came a new look for the Dumay Clinic!  Last fall, we built a vovered patient waiting area.  During January's mission, a beautiful new mural was painted on the side of the clinic building greeting patients with a warmth and hope.  Joining Dr. Laing, Dr. Leslie and Paul Hammond were with three Rotarians from Ojai, Ca. whom ran two art programs in the community.  Gayel Childress, a painter, worked with teens from the high school adjacent to the clinic to design and paint the above mural.  Linda Taylor, a paper and print maker, worked with a group of local women, teaching them the skills to make their own paper and print their own designs to create hand-crafted note cards to sell.  Childress and Taylor were joined by Linda Burr, an Ojai business owner, who assisted on both projects.