With the first HAM Mission of 2016 came a new look for the Dumay Clinic!  Last fall, we built a vovered patient waiting area.  During January's mission, a beautiful new mural was painted on the side of the clinic building greeting patients with a warmth and hope.  Joining Dr. Laing, Dr. Leslie and Paul Hammond were with three Rotarians from Ojai, Ca. whom ran two art programs in the community.  Gayel Childress, a painter, worked with teens from the high school adjacent to the clinic to design and paint the above mural.  Linda Taylor, a paper and print maker, worked with a group of local women, teaching them the skills to make their own paper and print their own designs to create hand-crafted note cards to sell.  Childress and Taylor were joined by Linda Burr, an Ojai business owner, who assisted on both projects.