HAM is a grass-roots funded non-profit and every individual working with us in the U.S. is a volunteer. As such, we are always looking for creative, resourceful and committed individuals to join our volunteer ranks. Volunteer opportunities range from being part of our medical mission teams which travel to Haiti to supplement our paid Haitian staff, to those who have the time and ability at home to assist with such tasks as data input, administrative assistance, technical assistance including photo inventory and organization, and fundraising.



Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. We run conservation projects with our partners, seeking the most constructive solutions.

volunteer and advocate

If you are interested in learning more about participating in future HAM missions to Haiti, or volunteering for HAM here in the U.S., we'd love to hear from you!

medical missions

Medical missions trips generally take place four times a year, composed entirely of volunteers who pay for their own expenses, including travel. While medical professionals often make up much of the teams, others with specific skills, knowledge and expertise are often involved to help share and develop their talents through the challenges and perspective-changing environment of Haiti. Our philosophy for working in Haiti is to provide employment for Haitians in a country where the unemployment is as high as 80%, so our volunteers work along-side Haitians. Volunteers do not constitute cheap labor, they are partners with the community working, sharing and learning with people from a very different background and perspective. Through such experiences, HAM volunteers often discover a deep connection with the complex world that is Haiti and become ambassadors advocating for Haitians and HAM. 
Participation in HAM missions is restricted due to the limitations of living space and transportation within Haiti, as well as the challenges of security. 

u.s.A. based volunteering

Depending on the needs of HAM’s US based leadership and the skills and availability of the individual volunteer, we hope to create a volunteer opportunity that both furthers the work of HAM and provides a satisfying experience for the volunteer.

Organize a fundraiser

Perhaps you have an idea for raising funds to support HAM’s work in Haiti and advocate for Haitians and HAM. Previous ideas that have proved successful include school groups collecting children’s chewable vitamins and other needed over-the-counter medications, groups sponsoring Haitian art sales (art we can bring home during mission trips), and musical performances with proceeds being donated to HAM.