This weekend will mark HAM’s first trip to Haiti of 2017. HAM board members Dr. Tracee Laing, Dr. Janine Flood, Connie Ray and Paul Hammond will be joined by ophthalmology surgeon Dr. Brian Stahl and his support team to perform cataract surgeries on as many as 50 Haitians over four days. We are most excited to host Dr. Brian’s non-profit organization, Go Crazy, Do Good which has completed over 19 mission trips to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia, Uganda Africa, Ivory Coast Africa, and Jamaica, for their first mission to Haiti. The team will be supported by HAM’s newly acquired surgical microscope donated through our partner the SEVA Foundation and transported to Haiti via another partner, Direct Relief International. This project is a great example of the benefits of the working partnerships with other aid organization HAM has cultivated over the years. We hope you’ll follow our team’s updates via our FACEBOOK PAGE.