Improvements to Charles Salomon Primary School


Last year saw the completion of plastering and painting of the Charles Salomon Primary School in the of Baudin-Gros Sable neighborhood of Port-de-Paix, where Healing Art Missions supports teacher and administrative salaries. This project was generously funded by the Larson Legacy Foundation and we are delighted to announce that this year the same foundation has funded a project to provide the school with electrical lighting powered by a solar array on the school’s roof. The K through 9th school was founded in 2008 by HAM’s long-time translator, eye technician and operations coordinator Jean Herard Charles, when he realized so many children were living in his neighborhood without the opportunity for an education. The school is built of cement cinderblock, and there has never been electric lighting in the classrooms which are only lit naturally by a few small windows. Connecting to the electrical grid in Haiti is very expensive and notoriously unreliable.  Just like HAM did with our primary care clinic in Dumay, we are installing a solar array collection system on the school roof which will power lighting and electrical outlets in each classroom. Thanks so much to the Larson Legacy Foundation for their leadership and generosity in funding this important project!