January Eye Surgery and Medical Campaign

January 13, 2019, Dr. Tracee, Dr. Leslie and Paul began the first of a 2 week long team trip to Haiti. The first week we worked in the primary care clinic, saw home bound patients and Dr. Leslie assisted Dr. Jacques in surgery. We also prepared for the 3rd annual “Go Crazy do Good” Dr. Brian Stahl eye surgery team that descended on the clinic on Jan. 19th.  In 4 days, the team completed 104 eye surgeries; 94 cataract surgeries, 8 laser surgeries, and 2 for traumatic injuries.  Dr. Brian and his team have earned the trust and love of the Dumay community and beyond after 3 years of successful sight giving surgeries. Power at the clinic worked beautifully, with 2 autoclaves, operating room air conditioning and lots of surgery equipment running – Thank you Keith and Aaron.