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Healing Art Missions exists to support those in need around the world. Beginning in 1998, we have been supporting the people of Haiti in the areas of health, nutrition, education, housing, and social justice. Our work is committed to fostering the dignity of the individual, respecting the ways of the community, and reflecting the strength of a loving God.

Photo by Jessica Phelps for the Newark Advocate

We are a group of people from all walks of life committed to sharing our talents, resources and good fortune with those less fortunate.

Non-profit 501(c)(3) group, U.S. Federal Tax ID #311618706

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On October 20, 2008,
a chance meeting began a new chapter for Healing Art Mission’s when Paul Hammond stumbled upon Dr. Tracee Laing, founding director of HAM, in the dining room of St. Joseph’s Home for Boys and Guesthouse. Realizing their beliefs and values closely aligned, Paul began working with HAM from Haiti, where he was living at the time.  The two quickly formed a strong working partnership, which soon transcended to a personal relationship best described as that of soul mates.

On October 4, 2012, while in Haiti at HAM’s Centre de Santé Dumay, the two had another serendipitous moment when Pastor Charlie, a team member of a visiting partnering organization from Richmond, VA, spontaneously offered to tie the two’s knot. They accepted, and at 4:30pm outside the Centre de Santé Dumay, Dr. Tracee and Paul were wed. The five members of the visiting team from Richmond, and four Haitian friends and co-workers attended the impromptu ceremony. It was a small, simple and perfect ceremony. Both bride and groom wore HAM work shirts and the couple was toasted with Prestige.

Entwined in life and Haiti, Dr. Tracee, Paul and HAM look forward to a long and productive future together.

To see photos of the event, go to HAM’s October Mission Blog HERE.
SUCCESS! Our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, which ended on August 23rd, successfully raised $20,600. This will be matched by $20,000 committed by a few generous donors so that we can purchase and equip a new Toyota Hilux, similar to the one pictured above.
THANKS to all our community of supporters here in the US who allow us to partner with communities in Haiti where we provide support. With a reliable vehicle in Haiti, such work can continue with confidence and stability.

HAM goes to California for:
 Healing Haiti: A Celebration with
Brunch, Art & Music
Long time friends and supporters, Martha and Ray Mendoza are hosting this celebration on Sunday, September 28th from 10AM to 1PM in Santa Cruz. The event is free and will feature over 60 pieces of Haitian art for sale, live music, and a brunch catered by Chef Jonathan Miller!
We hope all our Northern California friends will join Dr. Tracee, Paul, Chef Jonathan and the Mendoza's for this fun event.
The address is 510 Windham Street, Santa Cruz.

HAM Team's Short but Productive
August Mission!
Dr. Tracee Laing, Paul Hammond and Ankita Henry spent a busy and productive week in Haiti. See photos, a video and read their Blog from the Missions:

Granville EcumenicalVacation Bible School featured HAM and the importance of clean water during their 2014 session the week of June 9th. Hosted by First Presbyterian Church, St. Edwards, St. Lukes, United Church of Granville and Centenary United Methodist Church, the over 200 children involved also raised $500 to support HAM's clean water projects.  

Read about H.A.M.'s
and read their Blog HERE!

H.A.M.'s first Mission to Haiti in 2014 ended in February! Read about the Mission on our News and Events page, and see the
  Here are links to a short video and photo essays by Jessica Phelps featured by the Newark Advocate from H.A.M.'s most recent Mission to Haiti.

H.A.M. Cholera Clinic becomes to Cholera Stabilization Clinic

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) reported that as of March 10, 2014, cholera in Haiti accounted for more than 700,000 cases and the death of 8,500. The cholera outbreak in Haiti occurred in October of 2010 after the massive earthquake that devastated the country on January 12, 2010. However, the latest news from the PAHO is good, that the number of cases and deaths has significantly decreased. The Epidemiological Update states: “Between 1 January and 10 March of 2014, 3,850 cholera cases had been recorded, including 18 deaths (the cumulative case-fatality-rate for 2014 is 0.5%), signifying a weekly average of 385 cases and 2 deaths. This is lower than what was registered in 2013 (weekly average of 1,106 cases and 9 deaths), in 2012 (4,429 cases and 77 deaths weekly average), and in 2011 (29,167 cases and 243 deaths weekly average).”

At HAM's Centre de Santé in Dumay, we have experienced this dramatic decrease, with the vast majority of patients arriving at the cholera clinic suffering from simple diarrhea and not cholera. As a result, at the beginning of March we shifted the cholera clinic from a full 24/7 operation to a cholera stabilization clinic, open Monday through Friday during normal Centre de Santé clinic hours, but with an on-call nurse accessible by phone after hours and on the weekends. We feel confident that as long as cholera cases remain at or near the current level we can effectively meet the needs of the community and reduce our monthly operating costs by as much as $1500.

To read more about H.M.S.’s response to the cholera crisis , water security in Dumay, and our clean water programs, visit our Clean Water Project Page.


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HAM Projects

First Community Church in Columbus!
HAM participated in the annual Farmers Market on August 24th, and the parishioners responded enthusiastically. We offered a wide variety of Haitian art, from paintings, to wood and stone carving, to metal art, and we sold the majority of our inventory. HAM raised $1,165 at this event, all of which will go directly to support our programs in Haiti. 
First Community Church was also a major partner providing matching contributions for our successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. This campaign raised $40,600 for the purchase and equipping of a new truck in Haiti to directly support our programs. 
HAM greatly appreciates our partnership with the First Community Church in Columbus!

THANKS to the community of Asheville, NC and especially the parishioners of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church for making ART FROM THE HEART such a success!
Read about it HERE!

Healing Art Missions would like to thank our newest partner, BARNRAISERS! Through their generous support we have been able to fund up to 100 new Gift of Water, point of use water purification systems in homes within the communities we support in Haiti.
Find out more about all our Clean Water Programs HERE!

All our volunteers in the U.S. and all our Haitian staff at Healing Art Missions wish the very best for everyone in this new year. We want to thank so many supporters for their generosity and support during our recent end-of-year direct mail fund drive. As we begin 2014 with your support, we look forward to another productive year of helping Haitians help themselves.
You can support H.A.M.'s work with a financial contribution anytime by visiting our
There is much to accomplish with the new outbreak in cholera and our push to improve our surgical facilities in Dumay to take full advantage of our medical director, Dr. Jacques', surgical skills as one of only 100 general surgeons in Haiti. Over the past two years, Haiti has seen the exodus of the vast majority of foreign non-profit aid groups who arrived in Haiti following the 2010 Earthquake and subsequent cholera epidemic. H.A.M. remains one of the few aid groups in Haiti who was there prior to the earthquake and will remain as long as we are needed. It is only through the support of folks like you who care and support the Haitian people that H.A.M. is able to make such a difference in so many lives. 

H.A.M. produces an annual report that we mail out to all our supporters in late November each year. If you would like to see a copy of the 2013 Annual Report, Dr. Tracee's letter to supporters, or the photo collage we sent out last November, you can download those documents in PDF format here:




Below is a note we wanted to share from a long-time HAM friend and supporter. We believe the more you learn about our work in Haiti, the more you will agree with Alex.

Healing Art Mission's most important work
in Haiti happens every day as we provide Haitians the resources they need to help themselves. In Dumay, this includes employing 30 Haitians to provide primary health care for a community of 20,000. Longtime HAM supporter, Janie Drake, understands the needs and came up with an idea to help the women of Dumay by organizing her friends in Granville, OH. She asked each to donate $10 a month, requiring just 20 friends to completely support one nurse, who is often the only employed person in their family.
It is only through the support of individuals like Janie and her friends, churches like the 1st Presbyterian Church of Granville, and community groups such as Rotary and Lions Club, that we are able to improve the quality of life in Haitian communities such as Dumay. If you are not already one of our supporters, we hope you will consider investing in the Haitian people through a donation to HAM today!

Click here to make your contribution

In April of 2012, Global Eyes Media captured
Healing Art Missions in action in Dumay, Haiti. The resulting photo essays and the short film,  Dumay an Santé, can be experienced at their website, http://www.globaleyesmedia.com/.
Please visit their site and see their wonderful work from Haiti and El Salvador.

Read about
and how they are helping provide clean drinking water to the community of Dumay, Haiti

is a major HAM partner, having provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical supplies and medicine to Centre de Santé, Dumay over the past two years. DRI has featured HAM on their BLOG; read the article HERE!

Find out about Cholera, Clean Water, and HAM's efforts to address both on our Clean Water Project Page!